A downloadable game for Windows

A game that explores one individual's mental struggles through their dreams.


This game might be disturbing or upsetting to some people. Player discretion is advised. A text file containing content warnings (which includes spoilers) has been disclosed inside the archive file and as a separate download for those who want to make sure they can play the game without issues.

This game contains flashing images. Please do not play this game alone if you have epilepsy or have similar sensitivities to flashing lights.

Please do not link to this page or my itch.io profile using adf.ly. ouo.io, linkshrink.net or similar monetized referral services. I do not use this type of monetized referral pages, so if you got here using one, it was someone else who made said link and I would like to be informed.

Install instructions

  1. Download .rar archive.
  2. Extract using WinRAR, 7-Zip or another software equivalent.
  3. Run RPG_RT.exe to start the game.

If you are experiencing any errors, try installing the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

To play this game on Linux or Mac, try using Wine, EasyRPG or RPGHub.


re;fleXion v0.00 (Patch 1 + 2 included) 5 MB
Patch 1 for re;fleXion v0.00 435 kB
Patch 2 for re;fleXion v0.00 233 bytes
Content Warnings Guide for v0.00 (contains spoilers) 270 bytes

Development log


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this is really good!

is this still in development?

Currently the development is in hiatus, but the project is not finished, no. I plan to resume development at some point, but due to current circumstances it is challenging to say when that will be the case.

hey which one do i download?? like do i download patch 1 or 2???

If you haven't downloaded the game before, download the game file that has both patches included; you won't need the patches separately.

There is an error when I played this game.

→'RPG Maker 2003 rtp is not  found'←

I already solve this problem but I think I  had better  mention this.

Just  add 'FullPackageFlag=1' in RPG_RT.ini file instead of downloading RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

Btw, I love this game!

Ah, thank you for telling me! I usually have this flag applied to my RPG Maker 2003 games, but I guess I forgot this time... :'D 

I love it!!!

The game looks awesome! Keep up this great work of yours ❤❤❤