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the game looks fun and charming, but for some reason, only my left and right arrow keys responded when actually in game, and I could only press the down arrow in menus. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem

That's very strange... Do you have a controller plugged in that you're not using? If so, try disconnecting it so it doesn't interfere with the controls. 

If that's not the issue, do let me know so I can try helping with finding the answer.

I was entranced by the art and was comforted when I read that I could play the game and get the non-scary ending. I did! and it was a nice little time. Thank you for making a way out for obedient daughters like Lavender.

Very nice looking

Had a little bit of trouble with some of the puzzles, but had an amazing time nonetheless.

Can you make an option to claim this besides download? I currently don't have access to a pc and by the time I do, I'll likely have forgotten to download this which is a shame because I want to play it. 

I'm not sure what you mean by "claim"? I think your best bet is to add the game to a playlist of some sort, but you'd have to make it yourself. 

If you're asking for a purchase or donation option of some sort, then I'm afraid that'll never be enabled on my end.

i cannot figure out how to do the flower puzzle for the life of me

never mind, figured it out through a video of someone playing it! although if you'd maybe be able to add a walkthrough, im sure lots of people would appreciate it as well :0 

I loved this game! The art style is especially impressive to me. I personally found the puzzles fun, as they were just challenging enough to figure out with a little work and feel rewarding because of it!

my small brain can't figure out how to open the game

If you're on Windows, extract the game's zip archive and click on the RPG_RT.exe file! If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll have to install EasyRPG player first.

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fun, brain exercise, tense, chill.
a bit story from me. when i can solve the puzzle in that room and get out to the other room my brain just like " OH NO, ITS BIG BRAIN TIME."


Kind of spoiler-y I guess:

A great game overall but I can't really make it to the "second ending" - even after I attach the hair to the nails nothing happens - no trapdoor or anything is appearing, so I just have to go on with the "normal ending". Any reason why this would happen? Did I miss something by any chance?

How many hairs did you get?

Es un juego bastante chulo y tiene buenos puzles

I can't figure out how to get the horror aspects for the life of me, can't even find a grey painting that I need to know the name of for the Extras bit

Did you try reexamining everything in all the rooms you've been in? You might've missed something. 

I'm pretty sure I did. I noted down all of the names of the paintings because some I couldn't tell if they were grey and I even tried seeing if there were secret spots in the walls that I could walk through that I couldn't see.... Now that I typed that I realize how stupid I was trying to do that in a tower. I did collect three of the pink hair strands though :D

You've not found all the hair yet, in that case... ;)

I played this game a while back and i had a blast with it! I hope to see more~

Sinceramente es muy divertido y entretenido, 10/10, mis agradecimientos a los creadores ^^

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I have to say that I really enjoyed this game! It reminded me a lot of the RPG Maker games of old. I liked how unsettling the tower became as you descended it, from how the rooms changed to how the music became increasingly unnerving, and I liked how sweetly the "Normal Ending" ended the game, making you forget how creepy the tower was becoming, only for the "Secret Ending" to completely rip the rug out from under you. 

Hi! I translated your "Lavender" game into the Russian language. According to your terms, I am informing you of this. Here's the download link:

If you need more information, send me a message.


Such a charming game! I kind of like that the horror aspect is almost "optional" in the aspect of it only being in one of the two endings. I really loved the puzzles, however I feel like the first puzzle shouldn't have been the first one because, unless you are stubborn, one could be dissuaded from continuing the game. Overall, however, it is a very good game :) 4.5/5 would reccomend!

I really liked this game! I do wish there were some more horror elements or that there could be a bit more dark atmosphere. The pixel art was stunning but I really wanted there to be the threat of gothel coming back // overall, it was p cute ! 

I loved the game! The puzzles where unique and the endings where very wholesome (for the first one) and scary (for the second). 10/10 would play again.

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Of course! No prior permission is needed for that.

This would honestly be a great game if i wasnt too stupid to play it....

I really love it. The normal ending is so cute and sweet. I was so confused as to what kind of horror could possibly paint Rosalie (the witch) in a different light and hoping to give her the benefit of he doubt but BOY was I wrong man. Ngl, I don't completely get what's going on in the secret ending. I could piece together that she was trying to maybe create or clone someone with some unethical methods but that's about it. If anyone could explain it to me I'd appreciate it. Anyhoo, the puzzles were really fun and set at a decent difficulty level. The only one I had trouble with was the chess one but that was because I have NO idea what chess entails. Great game. 5 stars.

At first glance, it looks like a simple, cute, short, easy puzzle RPG with beautiful art and music.

At its core, however, it does contain some unsettling and gory things. The main and only problem of the game is that it is very hard to understand the 'horror part'. It is (way too) 'implied'. That's why I would like to ask if I got it right. 

emmm soy nuevo en todo esto y la verdad es que no se como instalarlo en español.

la realidad es que me encantaría jugar este juego! Cualquiera que me pueda ayudar se lo agradecería mucho

No tiene traducción en español actualmente.

Just finished the game! It's awesome! But now I gotta know what happened in the secret end. What was all that? Was it her mother?

It's a cute game. Thematically it feels a little strange to me that the floors are all locked with simple puzzle locks since a determined child could easily get through them, but I guess it wouldn't be much of a game if you could just walk straight to the ending without any puzzles.

-Made a Video.

The game is really cute and pretty in its art style, and I think the puzzles are really nicely done. I didn't fully understand aspects of the secret end, but the rest was really easy to process. Great game :)

довольно не плохая игра. Думаю, лет 20 назад, во времена нинтендо она бы зашла еще лучше


Good game. I think, 20 years ago, in the days of Nintendo, it would have been even more popular

the puzzles were amaing and the art style is soooo cute!

loved it keep it up!

Here's the walkthrough for all level and also how to get the secret end / level.

I was so surprised I didn't get any horror bits for my first playthrough, turns out that was the default lol. A bit confused by the secret/bad end. I love how you make a secret and bonus feature for the game. Love how the puzzle are not too easy and not to hard. Just right. The pixel art is so dang pretty. Thank you so much for making this.

Hello CWP, I'm looking to translate this game into Latin America's Spanish.
If you are interested, please, let me know
Thanks, your game is amazing.

Sorry for the late reply! Feel free to translate the game, just make sure you provide a link to me so I can let people interested in playing know about it. :)

I think the game looks very nice! But it wasn't that fun to play. The puzzles were more frustrating than fun. Like, for the cauldron one it would've been nice to have the hints on a list you could check while you're doing the puzzle. Also, the secret ending wasn't that rewarding and raised more questions than answers.

It does raise some answers. Try to check out the "Extras" section in the main menu.

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I just wanted to say I have been following your work for about three years now and I really enjoy the game. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you and game development.

As much as I enjoyed the gameplay and the puzzles, I feel like the secret ending made no sense! I didn't really understand it ( I wont spoil anything ) but that may just be me. I feel like it could've been depicted differently? I still enjoyed the game a lot and the normal ending was pretty good!

At first I thought it didn't make sense, too. But maybe you should check out the "Extras" section of the game. It explains some stuff about the backstory. It is still really unclear, though.

Y'ever just trade a baby for food?

This was such an interesting game! The puzzles were pretty challenging but it all works out in the end. I love the art style!

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