A downloadable project template

This is a template project for those who wish to make a Yume Nikki clone/fangame in RPG Maker 2003, but have trouble setting everything up or simply want to save time. It is not recommended for absolute beginners when it comes to RPG Maker 2003, but it should be easy enough to use it if you have an understanding of switches, variables, conditional branches and the Call Event event command.

NOTE: This project template does NOT include any of Yume Nikki's graphics or audio. Instead, I opted to use RPG Maker 2003's RTP, so some events might make the player sprite rotate or change directions when an animation should be taking place. This will need some adjustment. If you have Yume Nikki installed, you can place Madotsuki's sprites in this project template and select them manually to see the animations as intended.

Included features: 

  • Basic gameplay based on Yume Nikki: Debug menu, equipping and unequipping Effects, obtaining Effects, diagonal stairs movement, save game handling, seat functionality (sitting down and getting up). 
    • Some extra quality-of-life features have also been included, such as a game version check (has to be manually updated for each game release) and a starting position correction event that will set the player's starting point to the intended one when the game is not run in RPG Maker's debug mode (i.e. through the editor or using a shortcut with special commands) to prevent game releases with the wrong starting point set.
  • Basic testing maps: Reality Bedroom, Dream Bedroom, Nexus, Dream World (includes 1 Effect)
  • 24 pre-made Effects + 1 Debug Effect: Fast Speed, Slow Speed, Swim Fast, Weapon, Nexus Teleport, Invisible, Stop NPCs, Attract NPCs, Rain, Snow, Light, Tiny, 12 cosmetic/vanity Effects (no special functionality).
  • Debug room: includes several Effects, template NPCs (chaser and non-chaser) that react to the already implemented Effect functionalities, diagonal stairs, a "bench" (made out of chests) that you can sit on, dimmed light to help test the Light Effect, a barred door that only the Tiny Effect can go through, door to Dream World 1, etc.

Install instructions

To use this project template, you will need to use RPG Maker 2003's official English release, which can be bought on RPGMakerWeb, Steam or Humble Bundle (Humble Bundle sells Steam keys only).

NOTE: This project template does NOT work correctly for the RPG Maker 2003 fan translation. I do not provide support for and do not condone using the fan translated version of RPG Maker 2003.

  1. Download .rar archive.
  2. Extract using WinRAR, 7-Zip or another software equivalent.
  3. Open project folder's parent folder (so not the project folder itself!) in RPG Maker 2003's "Open Project" dialogue window using the [...] button next to the Project Base Path. Then, select the project folder itself from the Project List.
  4. Edit whatever you see fit to make your game! (Though please be cautious about removing Common Events, as they might be used by other events to help them be more efficient.)

If you are experiencing any errors, try installing the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

To play this game on Linux or Mac, try using Wine, EasyRPG or RPGHub.


YNFG template project v1.02.rar 460 kB